Round Cluster Platinum Earrings Setting

Round Cluster Platinum Earrings Setting
Please note: The metal color of the setting shown in the picture is a sample. The actual color of your setting will be the same as the option you have selected.
Round Cluster Platinum Earrings Setting

Weight:2.80 grams
Cut shapes available: Brillant
Product ID:84989PPRE

0.1+ Karat Brillant€ 766
Seite: 10 Steine, 0.075 ct, VS, G-H, TDW: 0.175 ct
¼ Karat Brillant€ 1 019
Seite: 10 Steine, 0.2 ct, VS, G-H, TDW: 0.45 ct
½ Karat Brillant€ 1 315
Seite: 10 Steine, 0.4 ct, VS, G-H, TDW: 0.9 ct
Weight is for each separate diamond in a pair.
* The price is for setting only without accent personal diamond.
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